Dana Point Beach Walking Trails

Posted by Sam Smith on Tuesday, April 23rd, 2013 at 10:21am.

If you live in the Monarch Beach area of Dana Point then you will love the walking trails that are provided through the grounds of the St Regis Hotel.  The trails take you directly down to the beach by the luxury Ritz Carlton Hotel and Salt Creek beach.  The Trails begin at the St Regis Hotel.  If you live in one of the surrounding communities then you want to walk through the golf course in front of the hotel.  Communities like Ritz Cove and Monarch Hills condos have walking trails that begin at the edge of those communities and meander through the golf course.  The trails are easily recognizable and make their way down to the beach and if you stay at the St Regis hotel that have special trams that will take you directly to the beach using these trails.  The walking path continue until you go through a tunnel that goes directly under Pacific Coast Highway.  

Monarch Beach Tunnel in Dana Point, California

Once on the other side of the tunnel you will take a left and continue on the path that goes along the ocean front homes in the Ritz Cove community.  The views of the ocean are simply breathtaking and you also get an opportunity to see these luxury homes that line the walking path.  

Ritz Carlton Walkway | Dana Point Real Estate

Many of these homes have gates that go down to the walking trail for direct beach access.  As you continue down the path you will reach the Ritz Carlton Hotel.  Another tunnel will take you again under Pacific Coast Highway and lead you to the south side of the St Regis hotel and golf course.  It's an easy 45 minute walk from the St Regis Hotel and back and a great way to take in the wonderful views that Dana Point has to offer.

Monarch Beach Ocean Views | Dana Point Real Estate

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